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Superior Suite

Purrfect for one guest but large enough for four.

1 x cat - £16 per day

2 x cat - £22 per day

3 x cat - £28 per day

4 x cat - £34 per day

All days booked are charged for including drop off day and collection day. Guests must be from the same household when sharing one suite. See T&C for opening hours.

Price Includes
  • Your cats favourite food.

  • Separate fully heated bedroom.

  • A playroom to enjoy all the toys with exercise area.

  • Luxury bedding.

  • Administering medication.

  • Fully Insured.


We offer a full aristocat menu that can of course be adapted to the usual favourites of your cat. 


On the all inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu our guests can choose from their favourite: Whiskas, Felix, Sheba, Gourmet, wet or dry food. Please provide food for all other diets.

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